Dancer's Love Rince & Repeat

Silpa was thoughtful and took the time to be sure the technique and look was just right for our dancers. She knew what she wanted the girls to do and she was extremely patient and hard working to ensure the photos were just right.
— Colleen Kanaley, TCRG, Kanaley School of Irish Dance

I chose to do a photoshoot promoting my school, Kanaley School of Irish Dance. We needed endearing photos of our beginners to attract more beginners. We also needed powerful photos of our advanced dancers. Rince and Repeat captured all of this perfectly!

It was very beneficial that Silpa is experienced with Irish dance and photography, because I think a few of the girls were nervous at first. Silpa made everyone felt very comfortable during the shoot.

I highly recommend any Irish Dance instructor to consider a photoshoot with Silpa. I use my photos from the shoot for social media, flyers, and our website. Each photograph Silpa took transcends to anyone who wishes to sign up for lessons.

My favorite part of the whole experience was working with Silpa! She's so nice and thoughtful and took the time to be sure the technique and look was just right for our dancers. She knew what she wanted the girls to do and she was extremely patient and hard working to ensure the photos were just right.

Everything came out perfect! You have an eye and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your talent with our school. This photoshoot boosted the confidence in our girls. Thank you!

I feel like I met a new friend. Silpa’s experience and professionalism put Lauren’s nerves of dancing in a crowd to rest quickly.
— Phyllis, Lauren's (prelim champ) Mother, Scoil Rince Soairse

I chose Silpa as a photographer because I love that she brought dance and photography together. Before the photoshoot we had an idea of what we wanted to see but didn't know how to make it happen. That is one of the things that make working with Silpa unique. She understood the art of the Irish dance and the backdrop of NYC

For those thinking about doing a dance photoshoot with Silpa I would say it is more that just a photo shoot. It is an experience. Our day was a few hours long and we moved through lower manhattan seeking out different backdrops to showcase Lauren dancing. We wanted a classic NYC backdrop with a gritty edge and Silpa found the best locations!

I am thrilled with the final photo package! It was absolutely worth the money. Great quality pictures and a fantastic experience. I feel like I met a new friend. Silpa's experience and professionalism put Lauren's nerves of dancing in a crowd to rest quickly. Somehow it was as if there were only two people on the streets of Manhattan that day.

Silpa was super sweet and easy going with Anna, which put my daughter at ease.
— MaryAnn, Anna's (prizewinner) Mother, Scoil Rince Saoirse

Anna loved the experience working with you. She was nervous at first but she felt how encouraging you were, which made her feel more confident as the shoot went on.

You often asked her what dance pose or movement she was good at and/or wanted to do. I thought this was a great way of bringing Anna’s personality into the photos. You did some fun poses which Anna loved! Also shooting in Central Park surrounded by trees was comforting and made it really enjoyable for Anna.

We love the the beautiful portrait box you created with all of Anna’s photos in it. High quality product!

Dancing the treble reel at the end of the shoot with you to create the fun dance video you posted on the Rince & Repeat Facebook and Instagram was a perfect way to end the session- Anna talked about it the whole way home. You have a way of making her feel special :)

No matter what level you’re at, if you have a genuine love and passion for dance, it’ll definitely show in your photos.
— Coco (novice), Harney Academy of Irish Dance,

I chose to do a Rince & Repeat photoshoot with Silpa because she has a dance background. Her dance knowledge means she knows what is flattering and aesthetically pleasing from a dancer's perspective.

I was worried that, being a less competitively-advanced dancer, I'd have a disadvantage in terms of how many poses I'd be able to do and how well my photos would come out, but it turns out I was completely wrong. 

I loved everything about the experience! Just being able to enjoy myself throughout the whole process without being overly self-conscious and being able to share and celebrate my dance story.

No regrets whatsoever and I'm so so so so happy to have so many beautiful photos to treasure. It's clear that you put an incredible amount of effort into creating such gorgeous high end products, from the photos themselves to the packaging. 

I'll never be able to thank you enough for the wonderful experience, Silpa! 

Silpa knew how to photograph the unique strengths of each of my girls and direct and guide the girls through the photoshoot. They were so comfortable with her - she brought out the best in them.
— Marie, Mother of Emma and Lauren (open champ), Scoil Rince Saoirse

"It was a very fun shoot with Silpa. The photoshoot was beautifully set under the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. My daughters Emma and Lauren were both more shy than nervous before they started, but once they began to dance that all changed. The girls loved working with Silpa. 

For me, as their mom, I loved how Emma and Lauren, at such a young age, got to be part of an exciting Rince & Repeat photoshoot, doing something that they are so passionate about, and had tons of fun along the way.

If you have the opportunity to do a dance photoshoot with Silpa, you should go for it.  Silpa is a very talented photographer and we have fabulous pictures after our day.  You never know where it might lead…"

I was a little nervous at first because I don’t usually take good pictures stills or action shots, but she made it easy and after the first few frames I started to have a lot of fun.
— Ana (open champ), Drake School of Irish Dance

"I loved doing the shoot with Silpa. I think her understanding of dance makes her a better photographer, she knows what the picture should look like and what both the dancer and the herself, as the photographer, needs to do to get it just right. 

I loved that we tried many things that I probably wouldn't have tried by myself and we even did a little video that was fun to do! 

If you are wondering if you should do a Rince & Repeat shoot but aren't sure, I'd say go for it! I was nervous and hesitant at first but I had a blast and great pictures to look back on!"