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A little bit about the featured dancer...

Meet Coco! A talented passionate dancer I had the privilege of photographing. Originally from Hong Kong where she used to dance with Echoes of Erin, Coco is a college student who now dances at the novice level with the Harney Academy in Massachusetts. Coco found my photography online and feel in love with it and was so excited to have a shoot of her own! Check out the video below to see what her photoshoot was like and to learn about how she fell in love with Irish dancing.

Have you ever wondered what it is like dancing and posing on-location during a dance photoshoot? 


The big reveal, Check out Coco's dance portraits!

Here's what Coco had to say about her photoshoot experience

“No matter what level you’re at, if you have a genuine love and passion for dance, it’ll definitely show in your photos.”

— Coco (novice), Harney Academy of Irish Dance,

I chose to do a Rince & Repeat photoshoot with Silpa because she has a dance background. Her dance knowledge means she knows what is flattering and aesthetically pleasing from a dancer's perspective.

I was worried that, being a less competitively-advanced dancer, I'd have a disadvantage in terms of how many poses I'd be able to do and how well my photos would come out, but it turns out I was completely wrong. 

I loved everything about the experience! Just being able to enjoy myself throughout the whole process without being overly self-conscious and being able to share and celebrate my dance story.

No regrets whatsoever and I'm so so so so happy to have so many beautiful photos to treasure. It's clear that you put an incredible amount of effort into creating such gorgeous high end products, from the photos themselves to the packaging. 

I'll never be able to thank you enough for the wonderful experience, Silpa! 

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